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Recognized throughout her career for her strong sense of story, visual pacing, character resonance and comedy timing, Yvette has been credited with raising the bar on many a project, adding comedy, heart, emotional honesty and visual appeal. 


Some of Yvette's Projects

My latest projects

Yvette's credits on the above are as follows:

-- Co-Director of the MTV/Paramount Pictures feature “Beavis and Butthead Do America."  Yvette was also Supervising Director on the MTV series for its entire run.

-- Head of Story on Blue Sky Studio's feature “Ice Age” for 20th Century Fox. 

-- Supervising Director on MTV's "Beavis and Butthead" series for all 7 seasons.

-- Director on Nickelodeon's "Doug."  Yvette was also an animator on the series pilot and drew all the model sheets for the first season of production.

-- Director and Creative Producer on Lion Gate's DTV Feature "Arthur's Missing Pal."  And though uncredited, Yvette also provided Additional Writing and wrote the polish script. 

-- Director on Fox TV's “King of the Hill.”

--- Co-Creator, Director and Executive Producer of the preschool series “Zack and Quack," originally on Nick Jr and currently airing worldwide.

-- Creative Consultant on Scholastic/PBS series "The Magic Schoolbus." 

-- Supervising Producer on Sega's "Sonic Boom" series

-- Director of the Emmy winning Pilot Episode of the PBS series "Cyberchase."  Yvette was also involved in the series visual development.

-- Supervising Producer on Cartoon Network’s comedy series “Clarence.”

-- Director of additional material on Lion Gate's acquired feature, "Happily N'ever After."

- Animation Timing Director on Disney’s hit revival of “DuckTales.”


In addition to her work in the industry, Yvette has taught Animation and Character Development at the School of Visual Arts in NYC where she herself studied and received her BFA, and has lectured in universities in the U.S. and abroad.   She is a member of The Motion Picture Academy, Television Academy, and Women In Animation.

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