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Peach Triangles
Hi! I'm Yvette.
I have spent my whole life bringing
animated characters and stories
to life and I'd like to help you
do it too. 

A Little Bit About Me....

I have worked in the Animation Industry for my entire career and have had the opportunity to creatively guide and impact the many successful and iconic shows and features. I have been a Director, Producer, Story Consultant, Animator and Character Designer, and Co-Creator of an original series. 

My official roles have been mostly on the visual side of things but storytelling has always been at the forefront of everything I've done. As a Director I've guided projects from their early stages through production, interacting and collaborating closely with writers. I've inspired edits and additions on scenes and character beats, often writing them myself. 


As a Supervising Producer and as an Executive Producer, I've given clear and detailed script notes to help both Creators and Network Executives achieve their goals.

And now I am thrilled to be stepping into a role that is both new and completely natural and familiar: Writing.


I understand what it takes to create successful characters and a compelling story, and I know what's needed to achieve that all important audience connection.

If you have a story that needs to be written, characters who need to be developed, an existing script that needs some extra love,

or an idea for a series that needs a pitch proposal that will shine brightly -- I can help.

Whether you are a Creator, Producer, Network or Studio Exec, I am offering my insights and guidance to you. 


You can see some of the Shows and Features I've been involved with on the Projects page:

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